Home Schooling vs Traditional Schooling

Education in an individual’s life is of immense importance. A child can acquire education by the means of home schooling or can attain it by going to school. Both the recently mentioned methods have their advantages which are discussed as follows.

With the evolution in every field and arena, a modern form of schooling, that is home schooling has taken birth. Parents who tend to give safer place to their children prefer this kind of medium to educate their kids. Care takers have a sense of security when their children study at home. Moreover, there is no burden on the little brains of tiny tots as they can get regular breaks. Home schooling makes students enjoy studying, which otherwise would have been a pressure. This provides them mental stability. Since, children get personal attention while attaining education at their homeplaces . Therefore, they can easily share with their tutors about the areas they are lacking behind.

The pros of traditional schooling are also equivalent to that of education at home. At schools, students learn to come out of their  comfort zones and break the shells made by their parents. This makes a child become capable of handling all the hardships offered by the real world. The rules and regulations of education institutions make students disciplined. Moreover, education seekers tend to improve when they see their classmates performing better in studies or in games. Moreover, an  individual gets exposure to different cultures, languages, people etc. which makes him accept everything and everyone. This way, a sense of acceptance towards other arises in a person.

There are uncountable plus points of both- home schooling and traditional schooling. However, I support the latter one as by school education, a person is prepared to face all the harshness that the outside world is going to offer him sooner or later.


Traditional libraries vs virtual libraries

With modernisation, the trend of using books and sitting in libraries has become out dated. But that does not means that libraries have lost their vitality. Book lovers still sit in libraries. Hence, I strongly feel that libraries are of immense importance.

The evolution of internet has led to the involvement of online readers. People find it convenient to sit at their workplace or homes and read instead of making special efforts to visit a library. Almost everything is available online and readers are just one click away to access the virtual libraries.

Undoubtedly, new media has uncountable pros. But that does not outnumber the advantages that the libraries give. Libraries are the sites where readers find the most suitable environment for reading. No one disturbs a book lover and his companion (which is a book itself). Moreover, a reader can concentrate in libraries more when compared to the hubbub of offices, cafes, homeplaces etc. Also, libraries are source of information. This is because masses tend to study more when they see the other people doing so. That is why individuals preparing for the competitive exams sit in the libraries.

To conclude, it can be seen that the changing trends cannot simply make libraries unimportant. The peaceful environment provided by libraries cannot be experienced anywhere else. The feeling that a hard copy of a book gives cannot be experienced on screens. Hence, I personally believe that in the 21st century, still libraries play a cardinal role.

Usage of natural resources at an alarming rate

Natural resources are sources of numerous products that are being used by humans on a tremendous scale. This has resulted in the exhaustion of natural resources and birth of uncountable problems. The difficulties and solutions to above mentioned scenario is explained as follows.

With the reduced number of forests, there has been decline in the number of trees which has resulted in elimination of water regulation by roots of plantation. This has resulted in flooding the villages and towns. With the excessive usage of freshwater, the freshwater inhabitants ( marine animals) are dieing and are leading to disturbance in food chain and food web. Moreover, with the abnormal use of natural resources, a pressure is being put on earth, who take its revenge in form of natural calamities.

Since, every problem has a solution, Similarly, the above mentioned problem can also be sorted by making prudent use of natural resources and switching to alternative energy resources that are present in the nature in abundance. Sunlight, tidal energy, thermal energy etc are examples of inexhaustible natural resources. Moreover, people should use eco- friendly modes of work like riding bicycles that run on fuels like petrol, diesel, etc. Also, government should take some actions. They should set some guidelines specifying the minimum areas of forests that every state needs to maintain or certain levels of oil or petroleum that can be used at most. Also, certain penalties should be charged on those who do not abide by the regulations issued by the government. Moreover, subsuidies should be given to industrialists who propose to use solar panels or wind energy for electricity generation.

In a nutshell, I would say that it is never too late! Hence, if we make small contributions, it would definitely help at global level and would aid in conserving natural resources and our planet.

Role of parents in upbringing their children

In more than fifty percent of societies, the duties of parents are predefined. Usually, the responsibilities of a mother includes cooking food and feeding her children, taking care of her kids academic studies and uplifting them morally and emotionally. Whereas, the work of a father is to earn bread, support his son or daughter by providing monetary aid and offering guidance when the child is all set to face the practicality of real world. In a nutshell, work of a female parent is to take care of her children when they are in house and father’s duty is to help them financially.

The reasons for the above mentioned scenario can be the ideologies of traditional societies which comprises of individuals that think that women are made for household chores and taking care of families. This becomes the basis for the difference between the moral responsibilities of males and females during the upbringing of a child.

With the passage of time, modernisation in times of lifestyle and thinking has been brought into existence. The commencement of sense realisation among men that they have equivalent responsibility in looking after their children. Also, the feeling of wanting independence and urge to help their husbands, females have adopted a mentality that they can divide their domestic works with maids and their spouse and can work efficiently and become a helping hand in earning money have led to parenting in a new direction. These way children respect their parents equally and accept the other gender without any doubts. Ultimately, the growth of children both physically and mentally would take place in an appropriate way.

To conclude, allocation of equal duties among parents rather than defining it in advance will surely leave the early thinking behind and would aid both mother and father in taking care of their children in better way in near future.

Can hike in prices of fuel eliminate the problem of pollution?

A sole solution cannot sort a dynamic problem like environment pollution. Therefore, I disagree the thought of hiking the prices of fuel to a large extent could help in reducing pollution. My view points are justified in the following paragraphs.

Increase in the rates of fuel can be considered as a solution for sometime. But it will surely add on to problems of masses as the burden of inflation would affect the pockets of the majority of the population. With the rise in the cost of fuel, the prices of related commodities will also increase. This will again become a reason to worry as the products that are transported from long distances will also be sold at higher prices. Also, a study on air pollution states that the effluents released by industries ore more venomous for the surroundings when compared with vehicular emissions. Moreover, increase in the costs of fuels would only contribute towards hindrance but the other factors and parameters would remain unaffected.

The other suggestions that could act as catalyst in reducing globe’s environment problems can be pooling of cars. This would lead to reduced number of automobiles on the road. The concept of ‘odd and even’ (that is using the cars with odd and even numbers on alternate days) should be brought in existence. This will decline the percentage of air and noise pollution. Strict laws regarding checking of pollution certificates should be implemented.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to save the world. But before executing these methods ; the after effects should be predicted in a prudent manner so that the individual are not left in any difficulties.

Can a bright career be built only if one is good at academics?

Most of the times, masses have a misconception that a bright career can only be built if one is brilliant at academics. And this irrelevant thought ignites the fire of opposing classes on music, singing, painting, sports, and etc.  But as far as my opinion is concerned, I think both academics and co-curricular activities play a crucial role in an individual’s future. Hence I disagree to a great extent with the given statement that only academics should be made a part of student’s life. My view points are justified in following paragraphs.

In the era of modernisation, today’s world offers everyone with millions and trillions of opportunities in uncountable number of streams. And these endless lines are not only connected with the theoretical knowledge. These fields are open for various people with different interests, creative ideas, passion, physical strength and etc. One should identify his hidden talent and should involve himself in polishing his personality by enhancing his capabilities. Every creation of God is blessed with a unique fruit. One should identify that quality and work on it. One should work on himself to give extra-ordinary services. By doing this he will get name, fame, respect and all the glitter from the world.

It is not important to excel only in studies. There are renowned personalities like Selena Gomez, Andrew Garfield, Virat Kohli, Mary Kom and many more who made their career in streams other than academics and are immensely successful in their lives.

It is not theoretical knowledge that enables one to build a strong career. But it is the hard work, interest, passion and dedication towards one’s work that lets an individual earn a reputed and star-like life. Therefore, for the well being of the students, they should be allowed to choose anything and everything in accordance with their interests. So that they could live a star-like future without any pressure. And for this, schools should promote the co-curricular activities.

Should Professionals be paid/given more?

Professionals are the ones who get the most reputed positions in a society. Masses often believe that professionals should be given more because they contribute for the betterment of the nation. But, I personally do not believe in this ideology.


Each and every individual who works for himself or for his country I a legal and ethical way is considered to be responsible person who is contributing for the welfare of the nation. His work can be in any field whether it is the line of entertainment, medical, sports, teaching etc. we simply can not distinguish a person’s efforts on the basis of work he is doing . some jobs require more of mental skills whereas a few require laborious physical work. But both the jobs involve efforts. Hence, we are nobody to judge anyone’s contributions that he is making.


There is no point of paying the professionals more. Otherwise, this woukld become the basis for discriminating other people who work in different fields. The hardships in every sphere of work can be seen. It is not that a person acquiring professional skills indulge himself in doing more work. It is same in case of every field whether it is stand up comedy, or theatre or films or anything else. Also, the criteria of paying more should be done in a manner that one who works more should get more irrespective of the gender, caste, color or the work one does.. Ultimately, if a doctor treats, the number of diseases would be less and if a comedian makes the audience laugh, then the number of patients would decline.


The only thing that matters is that everyone should work in a right direction. And every individual deserves to get the fruit of what he does ignoring the fact that whether he is a professional or a non-professional person.